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Twin Centre Holidays

Havana Cayo Largo del Sur

Multi-Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holiday to Cuba - tailor made

Havana, Las Terrazas, Vinales, Playa Larga, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Varadero and more.

Recently Booked

Cuban Culture – Nature and Beach
Havana, Varadero, Las Terrazas


Best of Cuba – 14 nights Multicentre West-Central with Car hire
Havana, Trinidad de Cuba, Varadero, Vinales, Las Terrazas, Cienfuegos

£2,250 £2,025

5 Star Luxury Multi Centre Cuba Holiday
Havana, Trinidad de Cuba, Varadero


11 nights
Havana and Cayo Largo – Cuba Holidays
Havana, Cayo Largo


11 Days 10 nights
Multi Centre Holiday to Cuba – Western and Central with Car Hire
Havana, Trinidad de Cuba, Varadero, Pinar del Rio, Vinales


11 Nights / 12 Days

Best Value For Money

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Book amazing holiday deals and save huge on flights with airlines to Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador and more. Our tailor made holiday packages are designed so you get the most from vacation.

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Book shared or private transfers, or car hire with or without guided drivers.

Hotels & Accommodation

We have a variety of holiday accommodations to suit you. Ranging from luxurious boutique hotels to private rentals.

Holiday Activities & Excursions

Activities including dancing, diving and fly fishing and loads more. Book with us now to get the most out of your 2019 holiday.


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