Why you should Visit Havana

Havana is probably the most enthralling city in the Caribbean, a combination of magnificence and crumbling decay.  If you try to visualise the city in your minds’ eye, you will probably conjure up beautiful colonial buildings, perhaps the epic waterfront Malecon drive, or even one of its iconic old American cars.  All those things are there, […]

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Las Terrazas – Cuba

Las Terrazas - Artemisa - Cuba. When planning our visit to Cuba, it can't be more exciting. All those classic American Cars, Cigars, #BestMojitos in the world, fantastic people and fabulous beaches, what' else do we need? A bit of time to simply Unwind you might think, right. That's exactly what crosses my mind when deciding [...]
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Visit Cuba

Why Visit Cuba? The biggest island in the Caribbean, Cuba has something for everyone. Music, Culture, Nature, Beaches it’s and ideal place to recharge and unwind. With this in mind Visit Cuba must be written on your “places to go” list.Have more than one location to make the most of your holiday. Contact us for […]

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Mexico Highlights

Mexico Overview

Mexico Overview and Highlights Sweeping gently south-eastwards from the northern frontier with the United States to its borders with neighbouring Belize and Guatemala, Mexico dominates the Central American region - in size, population and economic influence. Mexico is a big country. Its Pacific, Caribbean and Mexican Gulf coastlines stretch for 6,250 miles, encapsulating over 1.2 [...]
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Ecuador & Galapagos Overview

Ecuador and Galapagos Overview Bisected by the equator, as its name implies, Ecuador could best be described as South America in miniature. The World’s most biodiverse country, occupying an area about the same size as Britain, Ecuador’s terrain covers coastal lowland, Andean Highland and Amazonian Rainforest as well as the remote Galapagos Islands located in the Pacific. Its compact [...]
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Ecuador Highlights

Ecuador and its four worlds Small in size, but with a vast contrast makes Ecuador a place to visit. Starting from its Amazon rainforest, moving then to the Andes where it’s Capital Quito is located, then towards the Coastal towns to pass through the Pacific Ocean to get to Galapagos Islands, which doesn’t need much [...]
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