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Driving in Cuba?

There is no doubt that having your transport in Cuba is vital if you like to tour around the island. Now there are a few things that you should know and to find if Renting a Car in Cuba is for you.

Right Hand Drive cars?

All Car’s for Hire in Cuba is Right-hand drive as it is the side of the road. If you have never driven on this side of the road or unsure, you might want to avoid driving there.

How easy is to find Petrol in Cuba?

The answer is: really easy. When booking a Car hire with Us, we will provide you more information about this. Buying a ” Guia de Carreteras” = A to Z map of Cuba, will show you all petrol stations in the Motorway or towns. Most Cuba Car Rental offices in Cuba will inform you about them.

A Quick Note: Petrol in Cuba means Gasoline, not Diesel as many of us in the UK might think.

Should I drive while in Havana?

We would not recommend renting a Car while in Havana. Putting in simple words, transport links in Havana are very good, a taxi can take you pretty much to any place, so why should you pay for something that you can solve in a much efficient and cost savvy way.

Can you rent a Classic Car to drive yourself?

The answer is no. You can rent a Classic Car to take you around, but not to drive yourself. Most Cuba Car Rental companies will have modern vehicles, which will match international safety regulations.

So what car should I get?

Now, if you have decided that Rent a Car in Cuba is for you, let simplify the options for you. 

Depending on how many you are, you might choose the size of your Car, but not only that, who should you rent it from?

Car Hire in Cuba it is varied, and we can recommend having a Car with REX, although we work with all of them in Cuba, over the years Rex has been the most reliable, not only in Car quality but on Customer Service. Other Car Hire alternatives might be cheaper, but they are not as good as renting a Car with Rex. 

All cars from Rex are of a good to high standard, so A/C, Power Steering, Electric Windows, USB Radio, ABS, among others, comes as standard. 

Bear in mind:

Similar to other countries, renting a Car in Cuba most of the time does not include Insurance, Guaranteed Deposit (which are refundable), Extra Drivers, Pick Up / Drop off’s  at the airport, so please make sure you check this information to be on known. 

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Are there Other Alternatives to renting a Car in Cuba?

You could have your driver with a car or use shared coach buses, using their routes.

Driver with a Car option:

Stress-free travel. Your driver with a Car is a great alternative to driving yourself.

Here a few of the added benefits: 

  • You do not have worry about any additional fees or charges; your driver will take care of petrol, insurance, deposits and all other formalities that you will need to do when renting a Car.
  • No need to check the map of which road to take, your driver will take you to your destination, stop in any place that you might want and general information if required (driver is not a guide, but they are glad to help when they can).
  • Your driver will take you to any place that might want even in the evenings, just arrange with them a convenient pickup time and they will be there for you.
  • The added cost will also be relevant to having to pay for petrol, insurance and other things added into renting a car.


Travel Fab Cuba Holidays


Speak to us if you have any concerns about your trip, we can help you tailor-made it to your needs to make the most of your time away.

Rex Car Hire

Rex – Medium: Morris Garage MG5
Medium ,Rex
    £76 £52 /Day
    Make your Holidays, a fabulous experience.
    Rex – Minivan: Maxus G10
      £203 £137 /Day
      Rex – Premium: Audi A4
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