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Car rental in Cuba with TravelFab. Car hire is a great way to explore the island at your own pace. Using our car rental service means you can decide where and when to travel giving you flexibility with unlimited mileage when hiring a car over four days. Plus leasing a car means no need to wait for buses departing at awkward times. Petrol is widely available and accessible & most of the countryside roads are traffic jam free, so no stressful waiting times. Driving around Cuba nowadays is simple, using apps which give you turn by turn directions, roaming data free if you download maps before you go. For this and more important information regarding car hire in Cuba, contact us.

Minimum Driving Age

To rent a car in Cuba the minimum driving age is 21 years old for standard cars.

You must have held your driving license for at least 1 year.


Petroleo (Petrol) in Cuba is Diesel

Gas = Gasoline

At Petrol Stations  you pay for the amount of Gas that you are going to buy before filling up.

Driving in Cuba

In Cuba we drive cars on the Right Hand side.

(changing gears with the left hand)


Car driving app : on your smartphone.

Make sure you also download the country and cities that you will be visiting.

Rent a Car in Cuba:

Thinking of Hiring a Car in Cuba? Here we would like to provide a bit more information about car rentals in Cuba. Our car  hire recommendations are unbiased, we would like to share our own experiences about renting a car in Cuba and why you should or should not do it.


Minimum Driving Age for tourist in Cuba?

The minimum age for a tourist to rent a car in Cuba is 21 yrs for standard vehicles and 25 yr for Sportscar types.


Do I need to take the paper counterpart of my driving license?

No, you don’t. You should only bring your plastic card license. Note that you should hold your full driving license for at least one year for standard cars and three years for sporty models before renting a Car in Cuba.


Can I add an extra driver?

Yes, you can. Depending on which Car rental company you get your car from, you can add up to 2 more drivers for a single fee.


Can I pick my car directly from the airport?

Yes, you can. However, we don’t recommend this, especially if it’s the first time that you arrive in a long-haul flight to Cuba We can get a taxi for you from the airport to your accommodation in Havana. Plus, you will not need a car while in Havana, but for the countryside. Speak to us for more information.


Is it safe?

Cuba as a whole is very safe. Common sense, however, is necessary. Most of Hotel and Casas Particulares will know and recommend a safe place where to park your vehicle. Parking guards are widely recognised in Cuba; they do charge about 1 CUC per night.

DRIVING AT NIGHTS is not recommended. Poor lilt roads and animals roaming free on the motorway and secondary roads can be hazardous, stay safe, drive during the daytime.


Travelling with Children?

You can rent, child seats from most of car rental companies, however; we do advise you to bring your own. All cars have Isofix enabled seats which should fit as they do here in the UK.


Driving Directions?

For quite a while we had to rely on a map, a compass and use a bit of Spanish to ask for directions while driving around Cuba. A map app has simplified the whole process, giving us turn by turn directions in Cuba. The name of the applications is available for IOS and Android devices. After you download the application (in the UK) make sure to download the map of Cuba within the app. It is an excellent source of information, not only showing you driving directions but also by foot. Favourite places, like eateries and other places of interests, also appear, making it an excellent companion for your trip.

Locations and Minimum Car Rental

We only accept car hire reservations with a minimum of 7 nights Car Hire and from Havana and Varadero. This to help you get the best cars and better service. We have reports from clients that renting from the Cayos cars are not best, so we would not be able to rent cars from any of the Cayos in Cuba.

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