Flights to Cuba

Flights to Cuba from UK

There are quite a few airlines that fly from the UK to Cuba so catching a flight to Cuba couldn’t be easier. Although just a few will be direct flights to Cuba, there are wide range of airlines to suit your budget and dates.

Direct Flights to Cuba

Virgin Atlantic Flights to Cuba

The most popular and the one we recommend the most is Virgin Atlantic as not only do they offer direct flights to Cuba but are one of the best airlines in the UK. Virgin Atlantic fly from London Gatwick (Terminal North) to Havana and Varadero. London Gatwick to Havana flights are on Mondays and Thursdays.

London Gatwick to Havana Virgin Flight schedule




We can help with all Cuba related holiday arrangments



Thomas Cook and Thompson flights to Cuba:

Other direct flights are available with Charter flights like Thomas Cook and Thompson flights, who also fly from other airports in the UK, like Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

Thompson does only fly to Varadero and Santa Clara. Thomas Cook does fly directly from Manchester to Varadero, also they use their German counterpart Condor Airlines to connect from the UK to Eastern Cuba, flying to Frankfurt then to Holguin.

Charter flights dates can vary quite a lot.

Thompson does only fly to Varadero and Santa Clara on a direct route. This service is normally available through the holiday season months, like summer and  Christmas.

Thomas Cook does fly directly from Manchester to Varadero, also they use their German counterpart Condor Airlines to connect from the UK to Eastern Cuba, flying to Frankfurt then to Holguin. Charter flights dates can change quite a bit.

Other Airlines Flying to Cuba

There are also even more options when flying from UK to Cuba. So we’ve listed some airlines that will fly to Cuba via their home hub airports. 


Flying to Cuba from London to Madrid then Madrid to Havana. The carrier has improved quite a bit since they do use their fleet to take you from London to Madrid, making sure that connections are ok, minimising waiting time in Madrid, which is usually under two hours. There are regular flights almost every day of the week.


Air France is one of the most popular airlines after Virgin Atlantic. They do also fly six days of the week.

You could also be flying to Cuba from virtually anywhere in the UK with Air France, as their wide range of regional UK flights makes them one of the best options to have.

Flying to Cuba from Scotland, Midlands or Bristol, you got the best connecting flights with Air France.


Air Canada also has flights every day of the week, flying from a few other locations in the UK, it also offers an alternative to connecting to other cities in Cuba, like Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara, Cayo Coco and Holguin.

Connecting time can be long, but our travel advisors will gladly help you find the best for you.


Flying to Cuba with Iberia is also another valuable alternative with their Madrid stop before going to Havana.Iberia does a codeshare with British Airways which means that you can use either of them as one.

Avianca which recently started flying to Cuba, doing connecting flights London – Bogota – Havana.

Swiss Air which does fly via Zurich to Havana among others.

Flying From or Via the USA to Cuba:

BEWARE: If you like to travel via the USA you will need to get you Cuban Tourist Card in the USA ONLY. There are a number of websites selling flights online which do provide good fares and seem quite appealing at first, however, the lack of information can cause a lot of stress to travellers.

Is it Legal for UK Citizens to travel via the USA?

Although it is legal to travel to Cuba from the USA, there are a number of limitations and restrictions as all USA citizens will need to get a special permit to visit the Island and also being part of one of the twelve categories that you are allowed to travel to Cuba from the USA.

Airlines and local tour operators in the USA can sell a Cuban Tourist Card varying in cost from 75 USD up to 120 USD per person.

In the UK, we at Travelfab will provide your Cuba Tourist Card included in your package, just check with us if you are in any doubt. 

Envisage the extra requirements to use this carrier, we don’t encourage our customers to do this sort of flight.

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