Measures were announced on 20 October 2021 at the International Press Conference on International Health Control by the Minister of Tourism.

1. Cuba eliminates the compulsory quarantine of international travellers upon arrival as of 7 November.

2. From 15 November 2021, you will not need a PCR-RT on arrival for fully vaccinated travellers.

3. All international travellers (Cuban or foreign) arriving in the country must present a health passport or international anti-COVID-19 certificate for those vaccines certified by the corresponding regulatory agencies.

4. All travellers who do not present a health passport or international certificate of anti-COVID-19 vaccination are required to present upon arrival a PCR-RT certification negative to COVID-19 no less than 72 hours before travel, carried out in a certified laboratory in the country of origin.

5. Children under 12 years of age, regardless of their nationality, are exempt from presenting a vaccination schedule or PCR-RT test upon arrival in Cuba.

6. Epidemiological Surveillance will be kept at all Points of Entry (ports, airports and marinas).

7. The presentation of the Traveller’s Health Declaration (Sworn Health Declaration) will be required for all those arriving in the country.

8. The use of a face mask is mandatory inside airport terminals and throughout the country.

9. To board the flight at origin, airlines will require from their passengers’ evidence of a vaccination schedule or a negative PCR-RT test applied during the 72 hours before boarding.

10. International Health Control staff will perform random PCR-RT-PCR sampling at the airport.

11. Any international traveller arriving in the country at any Point of Entry who exhibits signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases will be referred to a designated health facility for a PCR-RT-PCR test.

12. Epidemiological monitoring of tourists in hotel facilities will be maintained during their stay in the country,

To this end, medical assistance is strengthened with the location of basic health teams to make international tourism a safer and more reliable activity.

13. Owners of rental houses or persons who host non-resident travellers in the country are responsible for immediately informing the corresponding health authorities of the appearance of any symptomatology presented by the travellers.

14. The health areas in the community will maintain epidemiological surveillance of tourists staying in private homes, establishing the obligation to report to the health authorities if they present signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.

15. For Cuban travellers residing in the country, the obligation to report to the family doctor’s office or health area within 48 hours of arrival is re-established to be followed up by the family doctor.

16. All Cuban travellers residing in the country who have not been vaccinated will have a sample taken for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen test on the 7th day of their stay. If they present symptoms, they will be treated as a suspected case.