Information provided by the Cuban Tourist board about the opening of Varadero Resorts from 15 October 2020. We are still waiting on details to travel into Havana and other cities in Cuba.

Opening of Varadero Resort

From 15th October 2020 the tourist resort of Varadero, Cuba, will be ready to start receiving international tourists and airlines that request to fly to this tourist destination.

The tourist destination will begin with a partial opening in an initial stage, open from Calle K to Punta Hicacos, an area in which customers can enjoy their 4 and 5 star hotel holidays, as well as maritime, nature and other excursions activities, limited within the approved area.

This initial phase includes the extra-hotel services associated with:

  • Marina Chapelin and Marina
  • Gastronomic, commercial and recreational services of the extra-hotels Marina Gaviota
  • Golf services
  • The Dolphinarium.
  • Plaza Hicacos

Hotels on offer for this initial stage:



Travel agencies can sell:

➢ Maritime excursions of the two marinas.

➢ Tourist Bus tours.

➢ Tours in motorbikes and bicycles.

➢ Car rental with driver (Travel car) and without a driver with reduced mobility only in the approved area.

➢ Dolphinarium excursions

Also, commercial and recreational services will be offered in Plaza America and Punta Hicacos, as well as the Golf Course.


To be known:

  • As hygiene measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, the protocols establish that all services will be paid for by customers with the use of their credit cards to avoid the manipulation of cash.
  • In all the hotels in the tourist pole, a Titular Doctor, a nurse and an epidemiologist specialist will be included with the staff of the hotel, whom will always accompany our clients throughout their stay, conducting health enquiries frequently without disturbing their stay.
  • In this first stage, the mobility of the clients and the excursions will be reduced to the approved Varadero area, as it is not possible to visit the big island. Therefore, all clients travelling to the destination must bring a hotel reservation with them.

Varadero International Airport:

The “Juan Gualberto Gómez” international airport is ready to resume all its operations, and all the biosecurity protocols are in place to receive customers who visit us.

The workers of the different airport entities have been skilled and trained to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

Also, below some key information that will answer some questions about the Opening of Varadero on 15 October 2020.

The mobility of the clients is reduced only to the tourist pole where they enjoy their holidays, that is, they cannot visit the big island. In the case of Varadero, a border will be placed for pedestrian control from the limits of Calle K, both on the beach and on the motorway, for access control at the entrance and exit of customers.

  • In this stage, the free PCR test is maintained for clients upon arrival at airports.
  • Clients must arrive in Cuba insured with COVID-19 if this is not possible, they then have to buy Cuban medical insurance against this disease, they can do it at the airport upon arrival in Cuba and its cost is 30 USD.
  • Clients continue from the airport to their hotels on buses to enjoy their vacations, in case the PCR test results positive, then the client in question is contacted at the hotel and is isolated in a facility with all technical conditions and medical equipment for his care.
  • The hygiene protocols established in the hotels are those already published and can be found on the Mintur website: https://www.mintur.gob.cu/