Las Terrazas

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Las Terrazas is a social project with its main aim to reforest and regain the already eroded mountains of this area of Cuba. As it was the opportunity to give the local farmers a greater quality of life to them. The opportunity of this location to be self-sustained appeared when the Hotel Moka was built and where the local farmers produce was given to the hotel and the Hotel is to invest back into the community to improve the life of its just over 1000 inhabitants. Many artists moved over to this amazing spot in Cuba not only looking for a tranquil place to live but also for the opportunity to live in a much more conscious and environmentally friendly community will bring. Las Terrazas now has many attractions however you will see that the forest and its environment were taken into consideration by its developers who took the time to design hotel Moka making the least amount of damage to the forest as possible, hence its trees making their way through the hotel. What this translates to is: Las Terrazas is a must visit while visiting Cuba, for its activities culture and way of life, take the time to breathe the pure air and let your eyes rest watching the pleasant views that this fabulous place has to offer.