Las Terrazas – Cuba

Las Terrazas – Cuba

Las Terrazas – Artemisa – Cuba.

When planning our visit to Cuba, it can’t be more exciting. All those classic American Cars, Cigars, #BestMojitos in the world, fantastic people and fabulous beaches, what’ else do we need? A bit of time to simply Unwind you might think, right. That’s exactly what cross my mind when deciding to visit Las Terrazas.

About an hour drive from Havana towards Vinales (Western Cuba) we find the community of Las Terrazas, where Hotel Moka (4*, B&B) is found. The story behind this settlement is great, to summarise what I heard, the community was developed as a way to improve the life’s of the local farmers and to reforest the eroded mountains of what now is Las Terrazas. Farmers started planting new trees in terraces made on the mountains so that the trees had the best chance to grow and get what we can see as a result now.

Right, that was then, so what’s in there for me now?

A fabulous offer where you can stay at Hotel Moka for 2 or 3 nights which includes All meals, at the different restaurants located in the community, the Canopy Tour, All activities including the River of San Juan and Cafe Maria, and if you like to share a few #instaphotos, a 1 hour wifi card so that you can share your memories straight away. The offer is valid until 30 Oct 2017 so please book your visit well in time, the number of rooms is limited on the offer.

Check out the video where you can see a bit more about this Fab location in Cuba.

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