Ecuador and its four worlds

Small in size, but with a vast contrast makes Ecuador a place to visit. Starting from its Amazon rainforest, moving then to the Andes where it’s Capital Quito is located, then towards the Coastal towns to pass through the Pacific Ocean to get to Galapagos Islands, which doesn’t need much of an introduction.

Ecuador has got two seasons only, Rain season (winter) and Dry Season (summer).  

Flights from the UK are available with Avianca, KLM, Iberia, American Airlines, Delta, among others.

Other facts:

  • Chocolate’s birthplace:

    Chocolate origins have been traced back to Ecuador, dating over 3000 year BC. While Chinese where building the great Wall, Egyptians their Pyramids, Ecuadorians where taking it easy, making and zipping out hot beverages.

  • World’s best Retirement place:

    International living magazine has been raking Ecuador as the best retirement destination, 6 times in the last 7 years.


  • Thr 1st UNESCO world heritage site:

    In 1978 the first UNESCO world heritage site conference took place.where 32 sites were enlisted. On that list right at the top we found Galapagos and then in 2nd place, Quito.


  • The closest Country to Space:

    Because earth is not a perfect sphere, as we know it’s a oblate sphere due to the centrifugal forces that apply to the poles, a bulge is created in the equator, where Mount Chimborazo it’s located, giving it 1.5 Miles closer to space than Mount Everest.

  • Panama hat it’s made in Ecuador:

    This famous woven hats are actually made in Ecuador from Paja Toquilla (Toquilla straw). They call it Panama hats as Ecuador exported them to USA via Panama, the boxes had Panama on them and yes you guess it, hence its name.

  • Name = geographical feature:

    Ecuador is the only country in the world that took its name based on its geographical feature.