January 2022.

Dear Customers,

As travel start to open back here are some details regarding going to Cuba at the present time.

Upon arrival in the country

– You will need to take a PCR test for COVID 19 up to 72 hours before arriving in Cuba.

– Ramdon PCR test upon arrival in Cuba may take place by the Cuban Health Authorities to monitor Covid-19. It is free of charge for the passengers.

– All travellers will need to fill in the Advance Passenger Information form online 24 hours before flying to Cuba at https://dviajeros.mitrans.gob.cu/inicio 

– It is required for tourists to have medical insurance that covers COVID-19, or they can buy one upon arrival in Cuba (30.00 USD). If you do have travel insurance from your bank, please contact them and ask if Cuba is covered within their policies. Staysure does is offering travel insurance covering Cuba, use code NY20 FOR 20% off.

– There is no quarantine for UK and EU passengers.

Stay in tourist facilities.

– Customers have no restrictions, except in the case of means of transport, where the use of a mask is mandatory.

– In addition to the beaches, travellers can also enjoy nature excursions, nautical activities, tours, visit heritage cities, etc.

– Please comply with hygienic measures, disinfecting hands, social distancing and use of a face mask in transport and closed places.

– In all hotels, there is a health team composed of a Comprehensive General Physician, epidemiology and a nursing specialist, guaranteeing the detection and immediate action against suspected positive cases of Covid.

In case of positive PCR

– The result will be available in the first 24 hours so that the client will be located and informed immediately through the tourist and health authorities.

– Symptomatic clients will be transferred to a care unit, understood to be a hospital, equipped with highly qualified personnel and the necessary equipment to guarantee their speedy recovery.

– Asymptomatic clients: After the evaluation by the doctors, we proceed to total isolation but admitted to Hotels that we will turn into Hospital

– The contacts of these cases are immediately isolated in the tourist facilities themselves under a regime of surveillance and protection. (They cannot be in touch with the rest of the clients), until the result of the second PCR is obtained, which is on the 5th day.

– The client’s insurance will cover the costs of medical services.

It is essential to communicate that all sites linked to tourist activity in the country, including airports, cruise ship terminals and marinas, implement hygienic-sanitary protocols to guarantee the safety of our visitors. These protocols are certified and endorsed by health and tourism authorities; they take into account the recommendations of international health organizations.

Moving around while in Cuba

Tours can be offered to tourists without problems, except in those places with autochthonous transmission; no passengers will be allowed to travel through them. Currently, all areas in Cuba are open to travel.

PCR tests are available in each town, except in those closed due to the autochthonous transmission of Covid-19.

Private homes / Casas Particulares and hotels are available to tourists as long as the area is open for international tourism and does not have autochthonous transmission.